S.L.H +E.N.P=P.I.C'S Wonderful Algebra



If you want to learn about algebra you've come to the right website. This website will teach you all the basics and everything you need to know about algebra.


Heres a website that will help you with y intercept and slope...(i believe)...CHECK IT OUT!!




Here is a website that will test you on how well you know y intercept and slope...so play the first game first then take a TEST...YEAH!!



Heres are two games that will also test you on what you know,its just like who wants to be a millionare, if t you get the question wrong you start over but while you play you have to remember the answer just in case you have to start over so this can help you test you, or both...



Heres a website that will teach you how to graph a linear equation,it gives you all the steps, like how to find the y intercept and slope and how to plot it on a graph then it teaches you how to put it on a graph,and at the end theres a workout so you test urself on what you learned


This website shows you how to make a t chat with linear equations



Here is a video about slope and y intercept it s cool video...WATCH IT!!


Here is a quiz that i mad, it s very easy but its just something to do...take it have fun...


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